Hello everyone, I’m Aimee Niu from Beijing, the capital city of China. I can speak fluent English because I studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science (TOP 5 university of UK) between 2010-2012 and obtained my master’s degree there. In China, I obtained my second master’s degree at the University of International Business and Economics in 2014.

I’m an experienced native Chinese teacher. I began to teach foreigners Chinese when I was in the UK. From 2017, I worked in the Chinese Language School of Warsaw as a Chinese tutor and also provide online courses in the meantime. Till now, I have more than 1000 teaching hours and can provide many different kinds of Chinese courses.

During these years, I have had various students of different ages, profession and learning interests. They come from different countries like America, UK, France, Germany, Poland, Japan, Singapore, etc. I like to share my knowledge and experience with different people from different cultures.

I’m good at teaching Chinese speaking (standard without an accent) and writing. Thanks to my educational background and working experience in finance and economics, I also teach economic and business Chinese. Additionally, as I obtained a national guide license in China, I can also share my knowledge of travel, food, and Chinese culture with those who are interested in these fields. What’s more, I can help you obtain a good score if you will attend some Chinese exams like HSK.

From this October, I will start to teach at this fantastic school- Mind School!!

I provide these courses as below:

  1. standard Chinese course (group & individual);
  2. HSK level 1-6 course (group & individual);
  3. travel Chinese (group & individual);
  4. business Chinese (individual);
  5. Conversational Chinese (individual);
  6. standard English (group & individual).